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Apc Mini Chopper Part


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Mini Choppers explained:(also called mini-bikes)

Mini-Chopper: Small motorcycle, usually for offroad use that's generally less expensive than it's traditional, larger counterpart. These inexpensive minibikes originally designed for small children are often transformed for adult use by adding taller handle bars and by improving the suspension. Sometimes called Pitbike Racing, it is a less expensive form of entertainment than motocross. People who can not afford the time, expense and danger of full size motocross racing are drawn to minibikes as a fun way to experience the thrill of motorcycle on dirt.

The smallest minibikes are built around a 49cc size engine and they continue up to a 110cc engine. Many other brands of minibikes have cropped up as the minibike sport has grown. The SDG 107cc Speed Mini is modeled after the CRF50, but contains a stronger engine and heavy duty frame.

An entire industry has now sprouted around the modern day minibike. As a result, minibike owners have an array of choices available to them for customizing their minibike with parts and accessories unique for each style and type.

Important MiniBike Safety Tips:

Follow these safety tips to make riding both fun and safe!

Before You Ride Your MiniBike:
-Familiarize yourself with your minibike before you ride. Read and understand the instruction manual and observe all safety and warning labels on your moped. Check the controls.
-Wear the proper clothing/pads including helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, gloves and shoes.
-Check the minibike's equipment including the nuts and bolts, steering, brakes and controls, frame (for stress and fractures) and tires (for wear). Inspect your mini chopper thoroughly before each use for loose or missing parts.

When Riding Your Minibike:
-Do not dart out of driveways or from between parked cars.
-Stop at all stop signs. Be careful when checking traffic and don't swerve when looking over your shoulder.
-Always go with traffic flow and keep to the far side of the road.
-Always wear your safety gear.
-Never ride on sidewalks.
-Never ride with more than one person.
-Avoid gravel, sand, grass or rough surfaces.
-Remember that brakes are designed to control speed as well as stop.
-Practice braking for slow-down and smooth stopping.

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Mini Chopper Q&A's, Tips, Troubleshooting Section:

-Minibike troubleshooting-
Q: Why won't my Minibike start?
First make sure you have the proper gas and oil mixture before trying to start it. Then you have to pump the primer bulb on the underneath side of the carburetor. Pump until you can see that gas has reached the carburetor. Try and start your moped.
Check to see if you have a clogged gas filter. Replace if necessary.
If you attempt to start the engine too many times, there might be excess fuel in the cylinder. Remove the spark plug and allow the excess fuel to evaporate. Replace the spark plug. Make sure that the gap between the spark plugs is 0.6 mm - 0.7 mm. Then, check the spark plug and wiring to make sure all connections are in order.
Check the stop switch to see if has short circuited.
Finally, connect the spark plug guide line and pull the start grips to see if it produces a spark.
If you still are not started, then your carburetor may need adjusting.

-Fuel and Oil Mixture Tips-
Your mini bike normally uses a 2 stroke engine for power. A two stroke engine was chosen for it's excellent power to weight ratio. A two stroke engine does not require that you ever change the oil, however it does require that you mix a quality grade 2 stroke oil with the gasoline prior to filling your moped gas tank. This ensures that your engine will remain lubricated and give you reliable service. To accomplish this you can buy 2 stroke oil at almost any auto parts store or hardware store. The oil and gas are the mixed together in a separate container before filling the scooter. The mixture should be done at a 25:1 ratio (See ratio chart below). mixing the gas and oil too lean can cause the engine to run too hot resulting in permanent engine damage. Mixing the gas and oil too rich will cause decreased performance and result in a fouled spark plug. By strictly following the 25:1 ratio you can be assured maximum performance from your scooter.

1 Gallon of Gas 5 Ounces of 2 stroke oil
2 Gallons of Gas 10 1/4 Ounces of 2 stroke oil
3 Gallons of Gas 15.5 Ounces of 2 stroke oil
4 Gallons of Gas 20.5 Ounces of 2 stroke oil
5 Gallons of Gas 25.5 Ounces of 2 stroke oil

Remember: These are general answers. ALWAYS consult your owners manual FIRST.

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